Micro-views of the world

Quote by Stephen R.Covey

We are very focused these days, we want to optimise absolutely everything. We want to optimise our work, our profits, our waste, the supply chain, the climate…. And we do not take the time to relax, take it slow, enjoy long breaks and wasting time. It was actually said that wasting time was beneficial; I honestly think we should do it more often, I’m not kidding, it is an art, there’s a certain magic to it!

Already in 2005, Carl Honoré, a thinker on work-life balance, did a TED video on “how we should “make love to slowness”(My own words) Why is everything so fast? Why do we want to optimise time so much? Why do we want to get rich quick or why are there articles on how to win this much money in this much time, or even make money while you are in pyjamas. It’s like “Hey, do you want to learn how to make money from a tombstone?” Life is about taking the time to live it, not how to optimise it.

Many of us are too focused on little details that are not important, and we are often too slow at grasping the big picture. We think too much in the short term, and bureaucrates, lawmakers, and even managers want to control as a symptom of fear and anxiety; that is what I believe. There is a trust crisis going in this world; I am not sure if it is because of AI, of technology, of increased competition, or social media or the fact that we know absolutely everything going on in the world, especially bad news and victims aswell as “breaking news” which are not that “breaking”.

Here is a view of positive journalism and how we can have a long term perspective, focus on the small revolutions and the big picture.

Too many rules, too much bureaucracy, too many people telling us how to morally behave, less democracy, and finally, lots of lawmakers being too attached to the status quo or to past knowledge and not willing to really move forward and let go of the past.

For those born in 1985 or later, the economy is a little unfair in the sense that we focus on existing talent rather than at developing talent; we do not trust one another the same way we did before and that is what there is rising anxiety and more micromanagement in our businesses and in the world; Bureaucrats micromanage the citizens and we belittle them to a certain extent. Hence, Democracy is under threat. This is one reason why Blockchain technology is appearing. (I might have things a little messed up, so please comment and correct me so we can get the conversation flowing)

I had the opportunity to study in the USA for 3 years and I was baffled by how expensive tuition was. I was curious as to why. I did a final project on Higher education in 2013 and conducted a few interviews. This interview with HR professor Carl Martz, explains why tuition was so expensive.

Now that COVID 19 hit the world and we feel that, economically speaking, it was not very fair, the CEO of Google and President Joe Biden plan to forgive the loans or some of it. I know nothing about the economy, but I do know about harmony, and progressive growth, and this is definitely not progressive growth, and now everything exploded during covid 19, just as philosopher Yuval Harari said it would in his book 21 lessons of the 21st century.

We saw the apparition of blockchain and bitcoin in 2008….. Christine Lagarde, president of the European central bank, took over 10 years to announce the digital euro…. I think it’s normal that things take time, but I think she should have been more attentive to new technologies and to what society wants/need/sees instead of throwing more free money in the system as if it is cocaine devaluating past work, past money, past value. Free money may be a good short term thing but terrible in the long term.

(I am aware that no man is an island, that we take decisions in function of the environment and many politicians are similar to Lagarde, but still….I ask myself, why did’nt she listen to the public. Isn't that her job?)

Why did Tesla take forever to make it on the S&P 500? Are we snobs and too attached to old habits more than innovation and thinking differently? We do not like the crazy ones? Is that why Tim Cook snubbed Elon musk back in 2017?

In my Life after Covid article, I explained what I think we should do and how we should try to slow down time (If that makes sense…, Warren Buffet explained that we should have annual business reviews instead of quarterly ones.

Thinking in the short term, is aiming for long term disaster.

In Stromae’s song: he mentions how we are “slave to our smartphones” . I love Artists as they are great observers and very honest about life. They combine what they’ve observed, with absurd words, melody, sounds, funky motion… They blend all the artistic elements and come up with a masterpiece!)

Our eyes are not designed to look at small things, that is why during the first lockdown, maybe if was a symptom of our burnouts, many of us went for walks in nature or hikes; we need to see things from far away. Slack and WhatsApp are not productive apps; if you look at the typing box, it’s tiny. If you have WhatsApp, you probably have a friend that writes 5 words then clicks send, you get a notification, he/she writes again, you receive another notification, he/she writes again 5 new words and you get a new notification. This is insane, it is pure madness. It’s insanity taken to Jupiter-Level!

I also feel that we are hypnotised to our phones hence Apple launching screen time. (I feel I should write more on this, but you can continue the conversation alone in your head.

But moral of the story: Our smartphones encourages us to think small.

Let’s avoid thinking small, let’s avoid being too greedy, let’s avoid thinking about small gains or too much control which does not mean much in the long run. Please focus on the small revolutions more than anything else.




Using absurdity to offer new ideas and challenge common wisdom. Sarcasm | Humour | Imagination | Art | …all blended into one which gives: The Funkiest Stories

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Hugo Bertrand

Hugo Bertrand

Using absurdity to offer new ideas and challenge common wisdom. Sarcasm | Humour | Imagination | Art | …all blended into one which gives: The Funkiest Stories

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