Life after Covid19 for dummies

Life after Covid19 for dummies-Hugo Bertrand

Covid 19 is great Life-feedback; it demonstrated one thing. It showed us that our models are inadequate; they are not sustainable. We cannot continue like this; Mother-Nature made it loud and clear.

Science has shown that in one year, we consume 1.7 earths; in other words, we consume more resources than what planet earth gives us. Isn’t it illogical that Planet earth creates us, Humans, and all this ecosystem and the only thing we can do, is consume more resources than what it gives us so that we can “please the economy” with artificial numbers printed without limit by the so-called central banks, and the GDP? If planet earth had a mouth, it would scream: “Are you guys fucking kidding me?

I believe that money is a very stubborn metric and some people believe in it way too much. Peter Thiel among others told the world quite some time ago that higher education was a bubble and that it did not make sense to have “Higher education debt”. He did say that a long time ago but we didn’t listen so we continued to go to Universities. (I was one of them…OOPS!) learning about the main KPIs we have to listen to in business. Google, although a world leader, continued asking for more and more degrees and went on, without saying, encouraging the younger ones to take loans. And today, now that covid-19 is here and that SOME are kinder to the world, Google, INC would like to say sorry to the younger ones and proposes to help them repay their loans. Isn’t that a little absurd? Sundar Pichai or maybe it is your board, but I would like to ask for a little integrity. It’s better to respect time as-well as your employees from day one rather than offer your female employees to freeze their eggs so that they can focus on their carrers. I heard from someone that Mother-Nature does not like it so much when you do not respect the ressources she offers you. Why are you abusing them; may I ask? I’m happy I have not accepted your offer and I am not part of your Alphabet. INC revolution! (Talking about Alphabets, I bet you 1 Billion USD you do not know the alphabet as well as I do….I am taking a huge risk right now, am I not?)

Some people want to become money-rich at all costs and will try to find all the different ways to get richer. And I deeply believe that because there is so much information in the world, so much data, so many numbers, digits, people are getting lost and think only in terms of metrics with money being one of them, and that stops us from leading from within and that is why there is less and less authenticity and integrity in this world.

I’m a little upset that we often carry out our lives not listening to musicians, to visionaries and to artists; It’s a huge shame. I think of Richard Branson’s idea on re-defining Capitalism

The 4 day workweek is getting traction and 2 arguments for it are:

  • People will generally be happier.
  • We could help the ecosystems, reduce emissions and live more sustainable lives.

This gets me thinking and I ask myself, aren’t we, sometimes, working against mankind? Maybe there is a certain magic or power in doing nothing. Back in March, I loved how we said “stay at home and save lives” But is working less the only way to help our ecosystems? To be honest, it’s a good initiative but I think it won’t do the trick, at least not all of it. What we need is to think more in the long term, (no short term profits and no passive-income ideologies (Things that some younger generations see as a dream come true. What I do not understand is that we have an Oracle (named Warren Buffet), from whom a lot of us have learned about investing, but his advice of getting rid of Quarterly Business Reviews and moving to Yearly Business Reviews, we do not pay attention to it. Could someone tell me why?)

“The planet is fine, the people are fucked”once said George Carlin. I also remember in Oceanography class, the professor explaining: “all these people telling us that we should save the planet, the ecosystems…they are hypocrites, the planet will adapt. They are basically saying, let’s save ourselves!” We are meaningless, the earth has existed for 4,5 billion years and it’s us that will save it? Seriously folks?

I think that right now, our jobs is to work on a vaccine, and then re-imagine how we work, and this is by arrousing people’s curiosity, have entrepreneurs really take all the elements into question and understand all the different values there are on this earth and take all of them into account. Innovation, open-mindedness, curiosity, courage, humour, compassion, spirit of adventure, simplicity, environmentalism etc… You also need to understand absurdity, and that not everybody sees the world the same way. Right now, startups are raising a lot of money but are not making real profits. Perhaps they have not enough curiosity, perhaps they do not know the Fundamentals, perhaps they do not have enough life-experience.

Whatever the reasons, our ways of looking at ourselves, our businesses, the world, and our resources, our friends, should change. Maybe a new World Order? Or would that be asking too much?




Using absurdity to offer new ideas and challenge common wisdom. Sarcasm | Humour | Imagination | Art | …all blended into one which gives: The Funkiest Stories

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Hugo Bertrand

Hugo Bertrand

Using absurdity to offer new ideas and challenge common wisdom. Sarcasm | Humour | Imagination | Art | …all blended into one which gives: The Funkiest Stories

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